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The Dudek Family at our Greek Orthodox Church Mardi Gras party
Here's where I get to brag on my beautiful family and share personal insights.
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My sister being awarded Teacher of the Year - 2009
For more family pictures, check out my blog.
Here is a link to the handout from my beloved Uncle Frank’s Exhibit a year or so after he passed away. I have to share it with you, as I am so proud of him and how he helped make me who I am today. Frank Stefanes was a wonderful uncle, friend, artist and teacher. Even on this day, years after he left us for heaven, he is still one of my all time favorite people. He taught me to LOVE: diversity, art, travel, books, music and my heritage. As the youngest of two MUCH older siblings, he supported me by always telling me that he and I were special “just because we were the youngest!” Not a day goes by when I do not regret that my husband and two very creative daughters never had time to meet and love him like me and hundreds of others. If anyone reading this knew my Uncle please email me a story about him that I can share with my family that never had the good fortune to know this AWESOME MAN! May his memory be eternal, and may he, my dad, Joanne Dudek, and other loved ones be watching over us all (especially Stephanie and Elaina).
Maria Menounos' Greek Christmas
As you know I am Greek, and I love our holiday celebrations - apparently I am not the only one!
Food was very important," says Maria Menounos of her family's Christmas gatherings, which typically began with mass in their hometown of Medford, Mass., the night before. "It didn't matter where we were financially; the holidays were the holidays. Weeks before, we would start making pastries."
Collision Six
This is my niece's band. Rock On!

People PKD Fears:
  1. Boys interested in my daughters
  2. Donald Rumsfeld
  3. Osama bin Laden
  4. Hitler
  5. Stalin
  6. Lenin
  7. Rasputin
  8. J. Edgar Hoover
  9. Oliver North
  10. Strom Thurman
  11. Michael Jackson
  12. Madonna
  13. George Perles
  14. Vernon Johnson
  15. Joe Kennedy, Sr.
  16. Jimmy Hoffa
  17. Jeffery Dahmer
  18. My mother
  19. Richard Thompson
  20. Beaumont Hospital Administrators
  21. Darth Vader
  22. Valdemar
  23. Lady Macbeth
  24. Hamlet
  25. Henry Ford
  26. Tony Soprano
  27. Dr. Smith (Lost in Space character)

People PKD Admires:

  1. Mother Teresa
  2. Peter Townsend
  3. Richard Alan Fruitman
  4. Harper Lee
  5. Frank Kefalas
  6. Thurgood Marshall
  7. Robert Kennedy
  8. Robert Riener
  9. Mary Shelly
  10. J.K. Rowling
  11. Marshall Crenshaw
  12. Ghandi
  13. Margaret Mitchell
  14. John Cusack
  15. Sylvia Kloc
  16. J.D. Salinger
  17. Robert E. Lee
  18. Abe Lincoln
  19. Molly Pitcher
  20. Louisa May Alcott
  21. Jane Austin
  22. Tim Russert
  23. James Carville
  24. Indira Gandi
  25. Dalai Lama
  26. Mary Magdelene
  27. Jesus Christ
  28. John Lennon
  29. Katherine Hepburn
  30. Lauren Bacall
  31. Humphrey Bogart
  32. Jackie Kennedy
  33. Jimmy Carter
  34. Jimmy Stewart
  35. Christie Hines
  36. Mark Twain
  37. Shakespeare
  38. Cate Blanchett
  39. Kate Winslet
  40. Frank Stefanes
  41. Winston Churchill
  42. Amelia Earhart
  43. Betsy Ross
  44. Francis Scott Burnett
  45. Dr. Seuss
  46. Tasha Tudor
  47. Salvador Dali
  48. Andy Warhol
  49. Andrea Mitchell
  50. John Irving
  51. Tim Robbins
  52. Igor Larionov
  53. Steve Yzerman
  54. Bono
  55. Alan Trammell
  56. Joe Dumars
  57. Kal Ripken, Jr.
  58. Tom Izzo
  59. Barbara Park
  60. Meg Cabot
  61. C.S. Lewis
  62. Aldous Huxley
  63. Gordie Howe
  64. James Dean
  65. Frank Capra
  66. Carl Reiner
  67. Mel Brooks
  68. Ron Howard
  69. FDR
  70. Emma Thompson
  71. Colin Firth
  72. Bruce Springstein
  73. Joe Marsh
  74. Hermione Granger
  75. Luke Skywalker
  76. Indiana Jones
  77. Moses
  78. Simon Peter
  79. Jobe
  80. Atticus Finch
  81. Frank Lloyd Wright

A touching poem from my friend, Robert W. Fechtman, a certified elder law attorney in Indianapolis:

As I lean toward the sun
And I contemplate God,
I know in my heart,
As we’re covered with sod,
We will think from the grave,
Is our legacy true?
Did we do all we could?
Was there more we could do?
For the sick and infirm,
For the old, halt and lame?
For the young needing help,
Whom we know aren’t to blame?
Or did we in fact
Turn our backs on their need?
Ignoring their cries,
Are we guilty of greed?
Let us choose here and now
To be moral and right!
To assist those in need,
Understanding their plight!
Let us say we will help them!
Let us make that our quest!
And then rest in our graves
Knowing we did our best.