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We need Senators to know that passage of this treaty is important to paralysis community. Please call your Senator and tell them that discrimination against disabilities is a universal issue and this treaty ensures inherent dignity, non-discrimination, accessibility, equal opportunity, and full inclusion in society for our community. Tell them to support passage of this treaty.

You can help, here's how:

Please call or email your Senator urge them to ratify the treaty.

Take action:

If you are reaching out by phone, you may use the following talking points:

Note: The more personal you make your message, the more impact it will have.

  • Hello, as a constituent, and someone who works directly with the disability community in your state, I want to ask your support of for the UN Convention on the Right of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Discrimination against disability is a universal issue. This treaty ensures that disability rights are protected and improved upon in this country and others.
  • Programs in your state are making an impact in the quality of life for individuals with disabilities on a daily basis.
  • Some of these programs are supported through a public/private partnership by the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation and they have a direct impact on the disability community in your state.
  • It is critical that all those living with spinal cord injury and disability, here and abroad have access to the same services, supports and rights as the rest of society. This treaty will help make that happen.
  • This treaty will soon come up for a vote — and we ask for your support of passage.
  • On behalf of all those impacted by disability, thank you.

Take action now so the paralysis community isn't affected later.