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  • 100 Useful Tools for Special Needs Students and Educators
    With all of the new trends and tools in education technology, there’s no reason for special needs students and their teachers and parents to be left behind. This list of 100 useful tools can help anyone with a learning disability like ADHD, dyslexia or test anxiety, as well as students with visual or hearing impairments, use the Internet and other technology systems to help them with reading, math, organization, social skills, and more.
  • Access Ability (Ron Graham)
    A blog serving higher education professionals in the Disability Support Service (DSS) field.
  • Anna Foundation for Inclusive Education
    A non-profit organization dedicated to the enhancement of the educational experience of students with developmental delays participating in inclusive education.
  • Apace of Change
    Damian Bariexca, a school psychologist and former teacher, shares reflections on education, using technology in the classroom, research, career pathways, and more.
  • Assistive Technology Rocks! (Cecilia Garcia blog)
    An article asking the question "Why is inclusion important both to the student with special needs and the culture of the class?
  • AT Cubed
    Brian Wojcik, an assistive technology specialist, shares reflections and commentary about using assistive technology in the classroom. Many of the posts aim to start discussion about the needs and use of assistive technology, and pose thoughtful questions.
  • Barto’s World
    This personal blog, written by a special-education teacher, shares information about teaching children with special needs to help them become more creative thinkers.
  • Bilingual Special Ed
    Claudia Rinaldi writes this blog, which includes article and book reviews, findings from industry conferences, news, suggestions, and more.
  • Checklists & Symptoms (Education Advocate)
    Resources to educate ourselves as parents & caregivers to better advocate for our children with special needs.
  • Child Mind Institute
    An independent nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children struggling with mental health and learning disorders.
  • Developments in Special Education Law
    Attorney H. Jeffrey Marcus runs this blog, which focuses on federal and New York State law that pertains to special education.
  • Do 2 Learn – A Website with Resources for the Special Education Classroom
    Provides thousands pages of social skills and behavioral regulation activities and guidance, learning songs and games, communication cards, academic material, and transition guides for employment and life skills.
  • EdTech Solutions
    Karen Janowski, an assistive and educational technology consultant, writes this blog. She states that her goal is “to remove the obstacles to learning for all students.
  • Education Advocate
    Educating ourselves so we can better advocate for those with disabilities.
  • Education on the Plate
    Deven Black writes about his experiences as a special-education teacher — a career that he came to later in life.
  • Financial Aid (
    Contains information on federal, state and local scholarships and loans for students with disabilities, including veterans and the military community.
  • Free Resources From the Net for Every Learner
    The blog is exactly what its name says: A compendium of resources for teachers. There are videos, curriculum, books, apps, and more.
  • Harbor House Law Press
    Develops user-friendly publications about special education law and advocacy.
  • IEP Advocate 4 You (Carol Sadler blog)
    A professional parent advocate assisting parents of disabled children in school meetings and helping them understand their rights under IDEA, 504, SST and ADA.
  • Jerry's Special Education Blog
    Jerry Webster writes this blog for The blog features news and reports about special education, mixed in with some guidelines on teaching strategies.
  • KPS 4 Parents
    Anne M. Zachry is the author and moderator of this blog, which aims to “enlighten and empower all responsible adults to ensure that all children, regardless of disability, receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education.”
  • Mentor Matters / Collegial Support in Desperate Times
    Blogmaster Mrs. Ris writes about her experiences as a veteran emotional-disabilities teacher. Her posts range from inspirational to informational, as she shares the ups and downs of her job, as well as useful information for other educators.
  • No Limits to Learning
    This assistive technology blog guides teachers and educators through the use of technology such as the iPhone, web applications, and software.
  • Personnel Preparation Programs (Personnel Improvement Center)
    Search this database to find community colleges, four-year colleges and universities, school districts or regional resource centers that will prepare you to work with infants, children and youth with disabilities and their families.
  • School Behavior
    Learn about a variety of conditions and get helpful tips for accommodations and strategies for students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, anxiety disorders, tics and Tourette's Syndrome, Depression, Bipolar Disorder and more.
  • SMD Teacher
    Alicia has been teaching children with multiple disabilities for 14 years. Her blog shares her experiences, as well as reviews, activity and game ideas, curriculum, project ideas, technology links and ideas, useful blogs, and more.
  • Special Classroom
    Gillian, a teacher of students with multiple disabilities, provides a lot of useful tricks and teaching strategies on this blog.
  • Special Education and Learning Differences
    PCI Education manages this blog, which aims to help with teaching build basic academic and life skills.
  • Special Education Law & Advocacy
    Attorney Myrna Silver focuses exclusively on special education law, helping special needs children receive the focus and attention they need to thrive.
  • Special Education Law Blog (Jim Gerl)
    A fresh look at special education law – mostly in understandable English. Jim Gerl is a consultant for a number of state education agencies, and he is a frequent speaker on special ed law topics.
  • Special Education MangoMon Blog
    This blog is an offshoot of MangoMon, which discusses online curriculum for all types of students. The Special Education blog offers numerous resources for special-education teachers and parents, technology reviews, ideas, useful Web sites, and more.
  • Special Education News
    In-depth, timely news related to educating students with disabilities.
  • Special Education Strategies and More
    Michelle, a special-education teacher in Florida, created this blog as a means to help “teachers and parents of children with special needs to find positive strategies that promote academic, social and emotional growth.”
  • Speech-Language Pathology Sharing
    Eric Sailers, a speech-language pathologist, uses this blog to share resources to help teachers and parents address speech-language skills.
  • SpeEdChange (Ira Socol blog)
    A prolific blogger and writer on AT and special ed issues.
  • SpedPro
    A group of academics write this blog, which includes news, commentaries, information about jobs and conferences, and more.
  • Teach Effectively
    This resource-focused blog shares evidence-based teaching methods for helping students who are at risk or who have learning disabilities or special needs.
  • Teacher Ponders
    This blog was originally created to track one teacher’s question to become a special-education administrator. Now this blog is used by Liberty Rose, a special-education teacher and mother to an autistic child, to share her experiences and frustrations.
  • Teacher Sol
    Maria Angala is a special education teacher in Washington, D.C., and this is her personal blog. She shares her personal experiences and thoughts, as well as news, reviews, links to useful sites, and more.
  • Teacher Tube: Sharing & Searching for Special Education Videos (MangoMon – 7/27/10)
    Teacher Tube is a free resource where teachers can go and either view or post educational videos. The videos are geared either toward teachers for professional growth or toward students for teachers to incorporate into their lessons. Many districts block YouTube because of questionable content, where as Teacher Tube is typically unblocked because the nature of all of the videos relates to education.
  • Teachers At Risk
    Elona Hartjes is a special-education teacher who writes about her experiences and shares strategies to help teachers help students.
  • Teaching Learners With Multiple Special Needs
    This resource-rich blog aims to help “teachers of learners with severe, profound, intensive, significant, complex or multiple special needs.”
  • The Life That Chose Me
    Daniel Dage is a high-school special-education teacher and is the father of two boys with ASD. His blog is personal and heartfelt, and it shares his experiences with special-needs children, both as an educator and as a parent.
  • The Research Center
    Contains article links about emerging and current best practices of technology integration for the special education classroom.
  • The Wrightslaw Way – to Special Education Law and Advocacy
    “Eligibility for Special Ed: Grades, IQ Scores, Evaluations,” “Assistive Technology for the Struggling Notetaker,” and “Changing Schools and IEPs – Tips for Civilian & Military Families” are some of the topics you’ll see on this blog, which focuses on legal issues and advocacy for special education.
  • Universal Design For Learning (UDL Resource)
    This site hosts information about Universal Design for Learning, and shares free and low-cost digital tools that facilitate a UDL approach to learning, as well as tools to support learners with access challenges. 
  • U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities (12/28/16)
    The U.S. Department of Education released three new sets of guidance today to assist the public in understanding how the Department interprets and enforces federal civil rights laws protecting the rights of students with disabilities. These guidance documents clarify the rights of students with disabilities and the responsibilities of educational institutions in ensuring that all students have the opportunity to learn.
  • What You Need to Know About Advocacy (
    If your child is making failing grades, or if you feel she's not making progress, you may be considering requesting that the school change something in her individual educational program, provide an additional service, or purchase adaptive equipment or software. But what can you do if the school disagrees with you, and you cannot reach a reasonable compromise? Some parents turn to the services of an advocate. Learn what you need to know about advocacy to improve your chances of success.
  • WrightsLaw
    Reliable information about special education law, education law, and advocacy for children with disabilities.
  • Your Mama's Mad Tedious: Diary of a Special Ed Teacher
    This personal blog, written by a special-education teacher, features news, commentary, shared resources and links, and more for teachers and parents of special-education children.

Reading Skills Apps:

  • Apps That Support Literacy Instruction
    Part 7 of “There’s A Special App For That” series on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps for students with special needs. (Scroll past chart with 7 building blocks of literacy to access Part 7’s apps.)
  • Reading Remedies
    This app is like having shelves of assessment books and binders of "go to activities" in your pocket or at your fingertips. This is a great site for reading teachers or parents of struggling readers.
  • Top 12 Reading Comprehension Apps (Reading Rockets)
    Apps that provide practice with specific comprehension skills, including sequencing, differentiating between fact and opinion, developing word awareness (through ant¬onyms, synonyms, and homophones), as well as several mind mapping apps (some free).
  • Word-Attack Apps for iPhone, iPad
    Good apps for improving a reader’s word-attack skills (some free).
  • Word Attack App for Android
    Improve your vocabulary while having fun with this improved variation of the word-search game genre. No rules. Words appear in any location in any order. Find the words based on the given hints. Installs on external SD card for Froyo.