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United States Social Security Administration (official website)

Government Information:

  • Appointment of Representative (SSA form)
    Those that want to help a family member apply for benefits should have the family member sign this.
  • Compassionate Allowances
    Social Security has an obligation to provide benefits quickly to applicants whose medical conditions are so serious that their conditions obviously meet disability standards. Compassionate allowances are a way of quickly identifying diseases and other medical conditions that invariably qualify under the Listing of Impairments based on minimal objective medical information.
  • Fast Facts & Figures About Social Security (SSA – Aug. 2012)
    Answers the most frequently asked questions about the programs SSA administers. It highlights basic program data for the Social Security (retirement, survivors, and disability) and Supplemental Security Income programs. 
  • Interdisciplinary Training for those who Serve Vulnerable Adults and Seniors 
    The Social Security Administration (SSA) is pleased to present this Representative Payee Interdisciplinary Training series.  It includes useful modules to educate individuals and organizations about the roles and responsibilities of serving as a representative payee, elder abuse and financial exploitation, effective ways to monitor and safely conduct business with the banking community, and ways to recognize the changes in decisional capacity among vulnerable adults and seniors.
  • Social Security Advisory Board
    An independent, bipartisan board created by Congress and appointed by the President and the Congress to advise the President, the Congress, and the Commissioner of Social Security on matters related to the Social Security and Supplemental Security Income programs.
  • Social Security Data: Periodic Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) Processed (3/18/16)
    The SSA performs CDRs to determine if disabled beneficiaries still meet the medical requirements for eligibility to ensure that only those beneficiaries who remain disabled continue to receive monthly benefits. 
  • Social Security Data: Targeted Denial Review (3/18/16)
    This documentation describes a publicly available dataset containing information about the results of the review of denied disability cases adjudicated by the DDSs. 
  • Social Security Data: Preeffectuation Review of Disability Determinations (3/18/16)
    Public Law requires the SSA to review at least 50 percent of all Social Security Title II disability and concurrent Title II/Title XVI disability (SSI/DI) favorable initial and reconsideration determinations made by the State Disability Determination Services (DDS) and to review at least 50 percent of all SSI adult initial and reconsideration favorable determinations made by the State DDSs. The dataset contains annual, national level data for fiscal year (FY) 2012 onward.
  • Social Security Handbook
    Your basic guide to the Social Security programs.
  • Social Security Online
    The official website of the U.S. Social Security Administration.
  • Social Security Podcasts
    Hear presentations and conversations about Social Security programs and services that benefit us all.
  • Social Security – Understanding the Benefits
    Social Security reaches almost every family, and at some point will touch the lives of nearly all Americans. This publication explains the basics of the Social Security retirement, disability and survivors insurance programs.
  • Get Your Social Security Statement Online
    This new online tool allows citizens to create an account and then have access to their past earning record, as well as estimated benefits at retirement.

Other Resources and Websites About Social Security:

  • Martinez Settlement (National Senior Citizens Law Center)
    The settlement of a class action lawsuit (Martinez v. Astrue) has ended the Social Security Administration’s policy of denying or suspending benefits for “fleeing to avoid prosecution,” based solely on the existence of an outstanding felony arrest warrant. In addition to abandoning the illegal policy, SSA has agreed to repay more than $500 million in benefits that were unlawfully withheld from 80,000 people whose benefits have been suspended or denied since January 1, 2007. People whose benefits were suspended or denied between 2000 and 2006 will be notified of the change in policy and given a chance to re-establish eligibility. All told, over 200,000 people will benefit from the settlement. See link above for more info and other links.
  • My Employment Options
    A certified SSA employment network specializing in the Ticket to Work program.