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  • Coordinating Social Security disability and retirement benefits (10/17/16)
    For married couples deciding when and how each should claim retirement benefits, disability benefits can often complicate the scenario.  Can one spouse claim spousal benefits on a worker who is collecting Social Security disability benefits? The short answer is yes.
  • High Court Lets Government Take Fee Awards for Clients' Debts ( – 6/15/10)
    Attorney fee awards under a major federal fee-shifting statute are paid to the client, not to the attorney, and can be offset to pay a client's debt to the federal government, a unanimous U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday. The Court's decision in Astrue v. Ratliff will affect primarily lawyers and law clinics who successfully represent clients seeking Social Security or veterans benefits and who earn fee awards under the Equal Access to Justice Act.
  • How Social Security, IRS Handle Durable Powers of Attorney (The Seattle Times – Oct. 29, 2007)
    Information and links regarding this important topic.
  • How Student Loans Could Hit Your Social Security (Market Watch – 8/10/12)
    It’s no secret that falling behind on student loan payments can squash a borrower’s hopes of building savings, buying a home or even finding work. Now, thousands of retirees are learning that defaulting on student-debt can threaten something that used to be untouchable: their Social Security benefits.
  • How to Get a Social Security Lump Sum Retirement Benefit  (9/10/2015)
    You probably don’t know it, but Social Security can give you a big, lump-sum check for $40,000 or $50,000 or even more — a bonus, like winning a lottery. Should you take the bucks?
  • Part B Premiums in 2010: Frozen for Many, Higher for Some (AARP Bulletin – 5/7/09)
    No Social Security cost-of-living increase next year means higher costs for some beneficiaries and states.
  • Preserving Social Security (Huffington Post – 4/23/12)
    It might surprise many in Washington, but if you ask hardworking Americans what their greatest economic concern is they don't say budget deficits or the national debt. No, what I hear most often from Americans is that they are frightened at the prospect of being financially insecure in retirement.
  • Preserving Social Security (Time Goes by – 5/29/10)
    It’s past time that Social Security’s advocates, friends and beneficiaries quit playing defense for the single most popular American program and take the offensive against those who attack and lie about Social Security with intent to kill it.
  • Setting the Stage to Kill Social Security (Time Goes By – 4/11/12)
    Congress is in recess for a couple of weeks, but that doesn't mean they, along with their corporate and media handmaidens, aren't busy cooking up ways to kill everything that benefits people who are not rich – old ones like you and me included, of course.
  • Social Security Opens Access to Data About Disability Hearings, Processes at (Senior Journal – 1/25/10)
    What has to be seen as a good step forward in helping Americans find their way more quickly through the approval process to receive disability assistance from Social Security, the agency has made available public Online access to data about beneficiaries and the agency’s disability and hearing processes. The new data, which supports the President’s Transparency and Open Government initiative, is available at, which is the home page for access to new information from many federal government entities.
  • Treasury Plans Social Security Debit Card (Wall Street Journal – Jan. 4, 2008)
    The Treasury Department plans to introduce a prepaid debit card for Social Security recipients in an effort to provide safer and cheaper benefits payments.