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Medicaid Appeal (attorney fees and costs case)

Medicaid Applications and Appeals

  • Applications and the Appeals Process
    Medicaid is a cooperative federal-state program under which states receive federal funding to provide health care to low-income individuals. State participation in the Medicaid program is voluntary, but if a State elects to participate it must comply with the requirements of Title XIX and applicable regulations.  Generally, an individual (or someone acting on his or her behalf) must fill in a Medicaid application, submit it to the local office, and have it processed and approved. If the application is approved, nothing more need be done. If it is denied, however, the applicant will not receive any assistance until a hearing is requested, and the applicant prevails either at the administrative level or on further appeal.
  • Attachment 1: Advocacy tips for Responding to The Deficit Reduction Act of 2005
    Attachment 2: Single Points of Entry
    Attachment 3: Ask Your Legislator to Vote
    Attachment 4: Sample Cover Letter
    Attachment 5: Frequently Asked Questions
    Attachment 6: OCR Fact Sheet
    Attachment 7: Discrimination Complaint
    Attachment 8: Complaint and Jury Demand

Medicaid – Other Issues