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Mitchell/Hartshorne Medicaid Case



Mitchell/Hartshorne Medicaid Case



A year after filing their similar federal lawsuits, two young men with developmental disabilities have finally settled their lengthy legal battle with the State of Michigan and Community Mental Health of Central Michigan (CMHCM).The two agencies work together to provide Medicaid long term services and supports, unilaterally eliminated medically necessary supervisory services, despite no change in the Medicaid law, policy, or state law or policy.


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Amid cuts to mental health services, families fight to keep severely disabled offspring at home (8.15.15)
Jacob Hartshorne, diagnosed with CHARGE syndrome from birth, cannot hear or talk, andcan barely see. Caregivers assist him getting dressed, eating and walk him out to the front yard to relax in the sun on a favorite blanket. They spend nights with him, protecting Hartshorne from emergencies that could occur while he sleeps — dangers he would not understand. After large budget cuts were announced earlier this year by CMHCM, the Hartshornes were horrified to find that Jacob’s nighttime care could be taken away. 


Documents Related to the Case

Mitchell Original Complaint

Hartshorne Original Complaint

Mitchell/Hartshorne – Motions & Opinion (3.22.17)

Mitchell Hartshorne – Stipulated Order to Dismiss (5.16.17)