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Bridges System, Nursing Transition Program,
The Snyder Administration's Proposed Dual Eligibility Waiver



Bridges System

  • Attention Medicaid Applicants and Recipients: re Bridges system

    Patti's Note:  As you are aware, there were major glitches in the Michigan Department of Human Services' (DHS) computer system, Bridges. The entire Bridges system in Oakland County were down for a couple of days in August 2009 as DHS attempted to implement Bridges in Wayne County. Some of our clients experienced the repercussions from the system malfunctioning. Some problems that we saw included a denial being sent to a recipient after that recipient has already received approval, or a recipient's case being assigned to a new worker in error.

  • If you receive a notice that you believe to be in error, contact your attorney or the caseworker assigned to your case immediately. Remember, it is always prudent to file an appeal if you do not agree with DHS's decision (even if you believe the decision was issued in error).

    Click here for letter from Michigan DHS for more info.

Nursing Transition Program:

  • Area Agency on Aging 1-B – Memo re Nursing Transition Program (NFT)
    The Area Agency on Aging is a non-profit organization that assists older adults and persons with disabilities with care options that can help individuals maintain their health and independence in their homes and communities.  The NFT program is available to residents of nursing facilities who are eligible for Medicaid.  Brochures describing the NFT program, Residential Services and MI Choice program are linked below.
  • MI Choice – Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Program
    The Medicaid Waiver Program is targeted to older adults, and younger persons with disabilities, who have limited financial resources, and who medically qualify for nursing home admission.  THe program has a wide range of service options from which a care plan can be designed that is most responsive to the indivdiuals home care needs.
  • Nursing Facility Transition Program
    Nursing Facility Transition services are available to residents of nursing facilities who would like to return to their own home, move in with family members, or choose another living option in the community.
  • Residential Services
    Residential Services (RS) is a new service option, under the MI Choice Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver Program, for indivduals needing a nursing facility level of care but who want to remain living in the community.
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  • Home Care Services: MI-Choice Medicaid Waiver (Area Agency on Aging 1-B)
    The MI Choice Home and Community Based Medicaid Waiver is a program where Medicaid pays for home care services in an individual’s residence (home, caregiver’s home, assisted living facility).
  • Moving From a Nursing Home (Area Agency on Aging 1-B)
    Nursing Facility Transition Services is a program that provides nursing home facility residents with the opportunity to explore alternatives and community-based living options.

The Snyder Administration's Proposed Dual Eligibility Waiver:

  • State Notes – Spring 2012
    Michigan's proposal to jointly manage the care of the more than 200,000 residents eligible for both Medicaid and Medicare was submitted late Thursday to the federal government, Department of Community Health officials said Friday. The move comes after the Senate Fiscal Agency issued a report this week calling the proposal the most significant change in publicly funded health care since the programs were created.
  • The SFA paper was released as the Department of Community Health was preparing to formally submit its proposal to the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The final proposal is not yet available on the Internet for public review, though DCH officials said technicians are working to get the proposal online. However, the department has posted a paper of frequently asked questions about the proposal. Michigan is one of 15 states submitting proposals to coordinate the care for those dually eligible for both programs. While a majority of those dually eligible are elderly and low-income, a significant number are younger and generally dealing with mental and physical handicaps.

Medicaid in Michigan

  • Adult Home Help Services (ARC Oakland – 1/1/12)
    Assists aged, blind, disabled and other functionally limited individuals with necessary daily activities, which they cannot perform without assistance. Consumer must have Medicaid and require home help personal care.
  • Dental Program Would Fill Needs ( – 3/23/09)
    Officials say the expansion of a state dental program that serves about 280,000 Medicaid eligible children in 61 of the state's 83 counties — but not Jackson — would go a long way toward filling that need.
  • Guidelines for the Michigan Principal Residence Exemption Program ( (revised 4/10)
    Compiled questions and answers from previous four volumes; amends outdated information and includes new information.
  • Integrated Care for Persons Dually Eligible for Medicare and Medicaid (MDCH – 9/7/12)
    Draft proposal for the provision of integrated care for people who are dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Medicaid Estate Recovery (MI Dept. of Community Health Bulletin – 6/1/11)
    Patti's Comment: It appears Michigan is moving forward with Estate Recovery against folks on Medicaid. There are still many unresolved questions and legal issues related to this. If you have a specific question as to how this may relate to your family, please contact the office directly.
  • Medicaid Provider Manual Overview (Michigan Dept. of Community Health)
    A 1,623 page (19.55 MB) document that addresses all health insurance programs administered by the Michigan Dept. of Community Health.
  • MI Choice Waiver Program (Michigan Dept. of Community Health)
    Through this program, eligible adults who meet income and asset criteria can receive Medicaid-covered services like those provided by nursing homes, but can stay in their own home or another residential setting.
  • Michigan Medicaid Health Plan Listing By County (MI Dept. of Community Health – 12/1/10)
    Choose a county name to see the available Medicaid Health Plans in that county.
  • Michigan Medicaid Program
    There are many different Medicaid programs that are available to assist Michigan residents that need help with medical services. In order to receive Medicaid, you must meet certain low-income requirements. Different Medicaid programs cover different groups of eligible individuals. The groups include children, families, pregnant women, older individuals, and people with disabilities.
  • Reinstatement of Medicaid Coverage for the Adult Dental Benefit (and more) (MSA 10-47 Bulletin – 10-5-10)
    The Michigan Dept. of Community Health (MDCH) is reinstating coverage for the adult dental benefit, podiaty, and low-vision eyeglasses and associated services for beneficiaries age 21 years and older.
  • State of Michigan Medicaid Plan Amendment (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
    State plan under Title XIX of the Social Security Act

Medicare in Michigan

  • Michigan Medicare
    Offers insurance coverage for prescription drugs to all people with Medicare. Find the best Medicare health plan and options in Michigan.
  • Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program
    Since 1984, the Michigan Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program (MMAP) has provided free education and personalized assistance to people with Medicare and Medicaid, their families and caregivers.
  • Michigan Medicare Help & Information (The Medicare Project)
    Answers and information about Medicare, prescription drug coverage and health insurance involves searching through hundreds of pages at government and private websites. To help seniors and caregivers get started in their search, our editors have compiled this digest of Michigan Medicare help and information resources.