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Articles & Publications and Organizations & Resources
re: Elder Care in Michigan




Articles & Publications:

  • Consumer-Focused, Cost Effective Long Term Care for an Age-Friendly Michigan (AARP – March 2012)
    AARP believes, and the public agrees, that Americans who need long term care should have access to affordable and quality supports and services in the setting of their preference. A system that starts with the individual and addresses medical, housing and mobility needs, helps people stay in their homes and communities, and helps prevent the unnecessary use of more costly institutions.  Perhaps more importantly for Michigan policymakers and taxpayers, a comprehensive, person-centered, long term care system will not only serve the needs of individuals and their families, but also provide efficiencies in public spending.
    Patti's Comment:  This is excellent!
  • Elder Care Practice Tips (Sanford J. Mall)
    In the midst of our efforts to learn the new Medicaid rules and how the implementation of the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005 in Michigan will affect our clients, it is easy to lose sight of the main objective of eldercare planning – improving / enhancing the quality of life of the elder.
  • Trust and Neglect: Special Report on Nursing Homes in Michigan (Freep – 12/11/11)
  • 3 parts:
  • Part 1: Nursing Homes with Good Staff, Stopgaps Still Can Fail
    Neglect is pervasive in Michigan's nursing homes and dangerous accidents often go unreported.
  • Part 2: Troubled Nursing Homes Aren't Closed
    We identify the state's most poorly performing nursing homes and learn why it's so difficult to close them.
  • Part 3: Nursing Homes: A Caring Staff Makes all the Difference
    What great nursing homes have in common and how to find a home for you or a loved one.

Organizations & Resources:

  • Adopt-A-Senior and Not for Seniors Only (The Villager newsletter – 9/08)
    See page 2 for articles about Adopt-A-Senior, a program to locate, assist and befriend senior citizens who are in need but have fallen through the cracks of other outreach programs. Not for Seniors Only provides info on Knox Boxes, a device to allow emergency responders access to your house key.
  • Area Agency on Aging 1-B
    A resource connecting seniors and adults with disabilities to services in six counties in SE Michigan.
  • Birmingham Area Seniors Coordinating Council
    Enjoy the social and educational environment of the Birmingham Area Seniors Coordinating Council and Center (BASCC). BASCC’s programs include arts and crafts, book discussion groups, card games, dance, exercise and fitness, mature driver refresher courses, sports leagues, and more.
  • Citizens for Better Care
    A non-profit advocacy agency for residents of nursinghomes, adult foster care homes, assisted living programs and homes for the aged located in Michigan.
  • ElderCare Link
    A site that simplifies the process of connecting with qualified assisted living providers in Michigan or anywhere in the U.S.
  • Long Term Care Reform
    News, notes, and opinions from Michigan about the progress of choice-based long term care.
  • Long Term Care Legal Resource Manual (Michigan State Long Term Care Ombudsman Program)
    Several years ago, Kelly Quardukus and Elder Law of Michigan undertook a project to compile federal and state law and regulations relating to long term care. It was recently reformatted and renamed Federal and State Regulation of Nursing Homes. Note: this is a 772 page pdf document, so may take some time to download.
  • Map of Nursing Homes in Michigan
    This chart shows how many beds in a facility are certified for Medicare and Medicaid, but does not tell one how a particular bed in a nursing home in certified. For that information you need to contact the licensing officer. Following is a list of the licensing officers: Lansing Office: Timothy D. Smith (334-8404); Detroit Office: Cynthia Simmons (313-456-0350); Gaylord Office: Catherine Hunter (989-732-8062)
  • Michigan Assisted Living Assn.
    An organization committed to helping consumers and their families make informed decisions regarding assisted living options and other supports and services in the community.
  • Michigan Campaign for Quality Care
    A non-partisan, grassroots group seeking better care, better quality of life, and better choices for Michigan's long term care consumers. The Campaign has been around since 1998, is well known and respected in policy and advocacy circles in Lansing, and has achieved a number of victories over the years on behalf of long term care consumers. Check out archives of informative newsletters.
  • Michigan Department of Community Health
    Memo re: MI Choice Wait List Quarterly Review
  • Michigan Dementia Coalition
    Their purpose is to improve the quality of life of persons with dementia and their families in Michigan.
  • Michigan Home Help Program – (Michigan Olmstead Coalition)
    As the nation's oldest consumer directed long-term care program, the Michigan Home Help program allows individuals to live in their own home and choose their caregivers.
  • Michigan's Home Help Services Program (Legal Hotline for MI Seniors)
    Designed to enable people of very modest means— who cannot completely manage to care for themselves— to continue to live in their homes rather than nursing homes, adult foster care homes, or homes for the aged.
  • Michigan Office of Services to the Aging
    State resource for information on aging in Michigan. If you're an older adult, family member, or caregiver, here you can easily find and be referred to community programs available in your local area.
  • Michigan Nursing Homes Database: Key Info on 427 Homes (Freep – 12/12/11)
    Use search fields to find comprehensive information on nursing homes throughout Michigan.
  • Michigan Nursing Home Ratings: Interactive Map (Freep – 12/12/11)
    Check for nursing homes in areas throughout Michigan and see their overall score in the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services' 5-star rating.
  • National Care Planning Council
    A comprehensive resource for long term care planning.
  • Senior Brigade
    Providing valuable information and resources to Michigan seniors.
  • Working Caregiver Initiative (WCI)
    More than 1.3 million people in Michigan qualify as a working caregiver, which is anyone who holds a job and takes on the duties to care for one or both parents. The WCI is a non-profit created to address and assist this growing group of people by offering free support, training and education.