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Michigan Elder Care:
State Resources and Advocacy Alerts


Take Action - CapitolAdvocacy Alerts:

  • It’s Official: Keep Home Care a Safe Choice proposal will be on the ballot
    (Keep Home Care a Safe Option)
  • Michigan voters will have the opportunity to allow seniors and people with disabilities the choice to receive safe care in their own homes after the Michigan Board of State Canvassers voted this week to place the Keep Home Care a Safe Choice proposal on the November ballot.
  • The Nursing Home Transition Initiative in Jeopardy
  • The Nursing Home Transition Initiative (NFTI) is part of the MI Choice Medicaid Waiver program.  NFTI is a cutting edge program that has gained national attention for successfully transitioning people in nursing homes who want to leave but face barriers.  Barriers can include losing their home, not having an accessible home, and needing services and supports to stay at home.
    Contact the members of the Conference Committees, thank them for their past support of MI Choice and nursing facility transitions, and ask them to approve $11 million for the MI Choice waiting list and $25 million for nursing facility transitions in the MI Choice budget for FY 2013. 
    (click here for contact info for members of the Conference Committees)

Resources re: Michigan Elder Care:

  • Area Agencies on Aging Association of MI
    Helps the elderly by providing assistance and access to services that will help them with chores, healthcare, taking care of their home, legal issues, Medicare questions, respite care, finding jobs, providing transportation, and Meals on Wheels. Every county in Michigan has an Area Agency on Aging office. 
  • Hearing aids available for qualified seniors
    Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services (D&HHS) received funding from the Michigan Health Endowment Fund to support its Hearing Assistive Technology program, focused on providing senior citizenswith hearing aids and various hearing assistive devices.
  • Office of Services to the Aging
    Your state resource for information on aging in Michigan. For over 35 years the Michigan Office of Services to the Aging connects families to an array of services and information. If you're an older adult, family member, or caregiver, here you can easily find and be referred to community programs available in your local area.
  • Services for Seniors (MI Legislature) (Rev. 11/10)
    Laws and Programs for Senior Adults
    This publication is a collection of various laws that specifically affect programs designed to help the elderly in Michigan.

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