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  • Are you on the Michigan Organ Donor Registry? (Secretary of State Dept of State)
    Just one organ and tissue donor can save the lives of eight people and enhance the lives of more than 50.
  • Burial Services (
    State Emergency Relief (SER) assists with burial when the decedant's estate is not sufficient to pay for burial, cremation or costs associated with donation of a body to a medical school.
  • Gender Identity Complaints Rare (Crain's Detroit Business – 10/25/09) (free subscription required)
    Companies that are already conscientious about workplace diversity training are unlikely to be affected by a push to make a new protected class of workers for sexual orientation or gender identity.
  • Rise and Shine, Detroit (National – April 2012)
    Detroit is featured in the March/April issue of National Geographic magazine as the "Come Back City"!
  • Spartan Sagas (MSU)
    Michigan State University is collecting the stories of the Spartans – alumni, students, faculty, and staff. Whether far or near, famous or known only to family and friends, one thing is clear: every day, Spartans contribute to the common good in ways both big and small, proving again and again that Spartans Will.
  • Therapy Choirs of Michigan (TCM)
    A Michigan non-profit organization with the objective of aiding the rehabilitation of those in need through singing in a choir. Goal is to create an exceptional group of vocalists, not necessarily in sound, but in spirit. 
  • Tread Carefully: Furloughs Useful for Cost-Saving, But Not Without Risks (Crain's Detroit Business – 10/25/09) (free subscription required)
    The complex legal landscape of employee furloughs has driven new work to law firms helping companies avoid violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act and other laws. Workplace furloughs and temporary shutdowns have become an alternative for local companies seeking to shore up labor costs without laying off more staff – but they are not without pitfalls.

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