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Publications About Medicare



  • Caring for People Covered by Both Medicare and Medicaid: A Primer on Dually Eligible Beneficiaries (Kaiser Family Foundation – 6/3/11) (video)
    The panel will address such basic questions as: Who is dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid? What are the characteristics and needs of this population? How do Medicaid and Medicare coordinate payment and care for this population? What federal and state barriers complicate these efforts? What is being done to address these challenges? What provisions in health reform address improving the coordination and delivery of services for dual eligibles?
  • Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services Letter (Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group)
    Official letter re: Savings Generated by Money Follows the Person Rebalancing Demonstration implementation .
  • Choosing a Medigap Policy: A Guide to Health Insurance for People With Medicare
    (Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services – 2010)
    Explains Medigap (Medicare Supplemental Insurance) policies, what they cover and how to purchase them.
  • Closing the Prescription Drug Coverage Gap (CMS – May 2010)
    Brochure explaining the $250 rebate for Part D beneficiaries who fall into the coverage gap/donut hole. Also see letter from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services for more information.
    Patti's Comment: This is important information related to the refund check for folks in the "donut hole" for Medicare prescription drug coverage.
  • 2014 – Medicare & You
    This is the official U.S. Government Medicare Handbook: What's important in 2014 & What Medicare covers
  • Medicare Advantage 2010 Data Spotlight: Benefits and Cost-Sharing (Kaiser Family Foundation)
    This data spotlight examines trends in benefits and cost-sharing for Medicare Advantage plans in 2010, including the wide variations found across plans and the rapid increase in cost sharing requirements for some benefits, including stays in skilled nursing facilities.
  • Medicare Basics for Caregivers (NIH Senior Health)
    Basic information about Medicare, as well as information about managing medical conditions, prescription drug coverage and long-term care. 
  • Medicare Coverage of Advance Care Planning (NCOA)
    Beginning in 2016, Medicare Part B will cover advance care planning—i.e., discussions of beneficiary preferences for end-of-life care.
  • Medicare Hospice Benefits (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
    Official government booklet for Medicare hospice benefits.
  • Medicare Hospice Benefits (The Federal Medicare Agency) (large print edition)
    A booklet that explains the hospice program, who is eligible, how to find a hospice program and where to get more help.
  • Medicare Part B Medigap Finder (
    Find and compare Medicare health plans
  • Medicare Part D – Exceptions and Appeals: A Practical Guide for Advocates (National Senior Citizens Law Center – 4/10)
    Medicare Part D prescription drug plans cover a limited list of drugs. Beneficiaries enrolled in a plan often find that it does not cover drugs they need or imposes restrictions or charges high co-pays for their prescribed medications.
  • Medicare Part D Brief: 2010 Transition Rights to Medications Under Medicare Part D (NSCLC)
    Many people who receive Medicare benefits have recently changed their Part D prescription drug coverage or have found that their current plan’s formulary has changed in 2010. To give beneficiaries some protection during this period, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requires that sponsors of Medicare Part D prescription drug plans provide beneficiaries with access to transition supplies of needed medications to protect them from disruption and give adequate time to move over to a drug that is on a plan’s formulary, file a formulary exception request or, particularly for Low Income Subsidy (LIS) recipients, enroll in a different plan. These protections also are available in other situations, such as when a person enters or leaves a nursing home. To assist advocates with transition issues, this brief sets out the CMS minimum requirements for all plans.
  • Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plan Finder (
    Find and compare plans that cover drugs.
  • Medicare Part D (GAO)
    Complaint rates are declining, but operational and oversight challenges remain.
  • Medicare Primer – The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
    Lots of useful info about this social insurance program.
  • Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage Costs – What to do if you no longer automatically quality for extra help – (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services)
    Getting "extra help" means Medicare will help pay your Medicare drug plan's monthly premium, deductible and copayments.
  • Medicare Starter Kit (AARP – 2011)
    You're a boomer. The milestone of your 65th birthday may be here or just over the horizon. But you know zip about Medicare. Do you need it? What does it cover? When should you sign up? Lots of questions — but don't panic. You can get your head around Medicare with this guide to what you most need to know.
  • Medicare Update (Aging and Disability in America – 10/19/09)
    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released display copies of Notices announcing Medicare Part A and Part B premiums and deductibles for calendar year 2010.
  • Resources on the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit (Kaiser Family Foundation)
    Key Foundation resources and data on the Medicare drug benefit.
  • The Medicare Counseler
    A free publication of the Medicare Rights Center. Each issue will address timely topics that will help social workers, health care providers and other professionals keep up-to-date on important Medicare issues.