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Long Term Care – Resources

  • 40 Informative Forums on Long-Term Elderly Care (Aging Healthy)
    Seniors often need to be placed into nursing homes, assisted living facilities, or some other form of long-term care during their lives. But with news, laws, and regulations coming in on a regular basis, it can be difficult to keep up with it all. To help, we have gathered 40 informative forums on long-term elderly care. They contain the latest discussions on the topic, as well as the many others that relate to it such as law and money. There are even a few to help you choose the best long-term care and get the latest expert advice.

Long Term Care – Financial Issues

  • The Growing Cost of Compliance in Long-term Care (McKnight's – 11/9/10)
    For many of us, some form of organized living arrangement—a nursing home or an assisted living facility (ALF)—is in our future. While few of us will want to spend anytime in a nursing home, many of us may choose to live in an assisted living facility. Both sectors will be under substantial demographic, regulatory and enforcement pressure over the next decade. As the baby boomers age, each sector will experience dramatic growth.
  • Live Long and Pay for It: America's Real Long-Term Cost Crisis (The Atlantic – 9/12/12)
    There's a looming crisis in long-term care because our current model for funding it is crumbling under the weight of multiple demands and inexorable demographic shifts. But we're doing almost nothing to respond.
  • Medicaid and Long-Term Services and Supports: A Primer (12/15/15) 
    Medicaid is the nation’s major publicly-financed health insurance program, covering the acute and long-term services and supports (LTSS) needs of millions of low-income Americans of all ages. Advances in assistive and medical technology that allow people with disabilities to be more independent and to live longer, together with the aging of the baby boomers, will likely result in increased need for LTSS over the coming decades. This primer describes LTSS delivery and financing in the U.S., highlighting covered services and supports, types of care providers and care settings, beneficiary subpopulations, costs and financing models, quality improvement efforts, and recent LTSS reform initiatives.
  • Medicare vs. Medicaid: Which Pays for What? (Krause Financial Services)
    The differences between Medicare and Medicaid and how they relate to skilled nursing care could not be more important.
  • With Medicaid, Long-Term Care of Elderly Looms as a Rising Cost (New York Times – 9/6/12)
    With baby boomers and their parents living longer than ever, few families can count on their own money to go the distance. So while Medicare has drawn more attention in the election campaign, seniors and their families may have even more at stake in the future of Medicaid changes — those proposed, and others already under way

Long Term Care – Miscellaneous issues