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Articles and Publications re: Long Term Care Insurance

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  • Facing Up to the Costs of Long-Term Care (CNN Money – Oct. 2007)
    No matter how well you plan your retirement, the catastrophic expense of long-term care could ruin it all. Insurance looks like the obvious solution. Turns out it's anything but.
  • LTC: Delay Could be Costly ( – 7/6/12)
    Many older people with whom I have spoken are reluctant to speak about long-term-care (LTC) insurance, the coverage that helps pay the cost of an extended, even permanent, stay in a care setting due to the loss of the ability to care for oneself. The setting often starts with home health care, progresses to assisted living and eventually ends in a skilled-nursing facility.  Human nature often tells us to delay a purchase until we are more likely to actually need the item or service. With some types of insurance that is not always prudent.
  • Long-term-care Insurance May Go Way of the Dinosaur (Investment News 3/18/12)
    As more life insurers abandon long-term-care insurance, actuaries and financial advisers are questioning the viability of the product and arguing that if it remains unchanged, it eventually will serve just a tiny niche market.
  • Myths About Long Term Care (The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program) Long term care is a complicated issue. The best way to weed out misinformation about long term care is to learn the facts.
  • Problem Solvers: Battle Over Long-Term Care Insurance (Fox4 News – 3/1/12)
    Thousands of Americans buy long-term care insurance, trusting that it will be there to help when they need it. But as one elderly metro woman learned, often it’s just not that easy.
  • Will Long Term Care Insurance Sink or Save This Family? (Financial Post – 7/6/12)
    In Vancouver, a couple we’ll call Murray, 73, and his wife Eleanor, 63, are retiring with substantial financial security. They are in excellent health and have net worth of $2.85-million. They ought to feel content, yet they agonize that, one day, long-term care expenses in a nursing home could destroy their fortune and leave them bedridden and poor. Their fortune, they believe, is hostage to their health.


  • Examining the Role of Private Long-Term Care Insurance in the Financing of Long-Term Care (The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation)
    As the long-standing gap between Americans’ need for long-term care services and the public and private funding available to pay for them grows ever wider, this policy brief examines the fundamentals of private long-term care insurance.
  • The Essentials: Long-Term Care Insurance (MetLife)
    An educational guide and a general introduction to long-term care insurance. It defines terminology generally used in the industry, presents some basic issues, and provides answers to some frequently asked questions. Several versions for different states are linked from here.