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Organizations & Services

  • Access Project
    Advocacy information for people that are experiencing medical debt.
  • American Childhood Cancer Organization

American Childhood Cancer Organization has been respected as an essential and integral provider of programs and services required by families of children and adolescents with cancer across this country. Together with our local affiliates who provide the direct support with families, we address the critical needs that families face today. As a grassroots leader in the childhood cancer community, it is our responsibility to speak for the needs of the families and survivors. Doing so, we help shape policy, research, and programs on the national level that affect the lives of families today and tomorrow. The board and staff of ACCO are committed to serving our community until the day when no child dies or is left with life long effects from this devastating disease.

  • Bedbug Registry
    As reported by AARP in July, 2011, there's a national epidemic of these pests, and the Bed Bug Registry is a free, public database of user-submitted bed bug reports from across the United States and Canada. Founded in 2006, the site has collected about 20,000 reports covering 12,000 locations.
  • Directory of State Medical Boards
    A state-by-state directory where you can find out whether your doctor has been disciplined by a state medical board. A search in your state might not reveal a doctor's problems in another state. To get a national profile on your doctor, it costs $9.95 on the website of the Federation of State Medical Boards.
  • (formally
    1 in 4 sexually active teenagers become infected with an STD every year, in the United States alone. Now, more than ever, we need to join together to fight this growing issue. The people at understand the importance of STD/STI prevention and treatments.
  • Fair Health
    A national, independent, not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to bring transparency to healthcare costs and health insurance information through comprehensive data products and consumer resources. Families can look up the cost of healthcare services, based on a database of billions of billed medical and dental services.
  • Health Education Answers (Oakland County Community Mental Health)
    An interactive online tool about many different health areas such as men's health, women's health, heart health, wellness, medication safety and much more.
  • National Health Law Program
    A national public interest law firm that seeks to improve health care for America's working and unemployed poor, minorities, the elderly and people with disabilities.
  • Understanding Cancer (Mesothelioma Group)

Every year, 12.7 million people in the world learn that they have cancer. Even though cancer is a widespread disease, each individual who suffers from cancer is uniquely affected. Family and friends of loved ones who are fighting cancer are often confused and worried. It can be difficult to cope with a diagnosis of cancer.

Resources: Websites & Blogs

  • For the
    A Florida attorney's consumer advocacy website with detailed health information regarding automobile accidents, health and home, and elderly care.
  • Where to Find
    A free website for consumers to compare and rate many different types of health care facilities. The estimated 47 million uninsured Americans now have a tool to help them find free or low-cost clinics, where they can obtain basic medical care.
  • Who Cares (FTC)
    With so many sources of health information at your fingertips — many of them online — it can be tough to tell fact from fiction, or useful health products and services from those that don’t work or aren’t safe. The FTC has created this website to help you find reliable sources of information on health topics important to you, whether you’re an older consumer or a family member, caregiver, or friend.