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Articles and Publications about Health Care
(General Issues)


Articles About Health Care

  • Consumer Reports Is Rating Surgical Groups (New York Times – 9/7/10)
    Medical groups that perform heart bypass surgery are now being rated alongside cars and toaster ovens in Consumer Reports. In most parts of the country, data-based ratings of doctors are not available to patients. Only a few states, including New York, provide them.
  • New Rules for Charging Patients for Their Medical Records (4/25/16)
    New clarifications have just been released that give specific direction to medical practices and other healthcare providers on charging patients for medical records. The article outlines some of the main pieces, followed by a Q&A from the published clarifications.
  • Partnering for Better Care ( – Oct. 2007)
    Now that Massachusetts has made significant progress toward guaranteed access to healthcare, the Commonwealth must turn to a new challenge: ensuring that the medical care provided is of the highest possible quality.
  • Studies Show Yoga Can Treat Illness ( – 11/28/08)
    The ancient practice of yoga is increasingly finding a new following – among doctors and medical researchers who are working to prove its benefits for a variety of illnesses.
  • Study: 10 Minutes of Exercise, Hour-Long Effects (
    We all know that exercise and a good diet are important for health, protecting against heart disease and diabetes, among other conditions. But what exactly causes the health improvement from working up a sweat or from eating, say, more olive oil than saturated fat? And are some people biologically predisposed to get more benefit than others?
  • World's Most Powerful MRI Ready to Scan Human Brain (Science Daily – Jan. 2, 2008)
    The world's most powerful medical magnetic resonance imaging machine, the 9.4 Tesla at the University of Illinois at Chicago, has successfully completed safety trials and may soon offer physicians a real-time view of biological processes in the human brain.

Publications About Health Care

  • Bioethics Briefing Book (The Hastings Center)
    Overviews of issues in bioethics of high public interest such as abortion, health care reform, human and sports enhancement, personalized medicine, medical error and stem cells.
  • eSolutions:  Integrated Care for Minority Populations (SAMHSA-HRSA April 2012 Newsletter)
    eSolutions is a monthly e-newsletter bringing you practical solutions and resources on primary and behavioral healthcare integration from across the United States.  Included in this issue are articles on Integrated Care for Racial & Ethnic Minorities: A Look Into HHS' Office of Minority Health, Quick Tips to Strengthen the Provider-Client Relationship through Cultural Understanding and more.
  • Family Consent Laws Covering Routine Medical Care (The Republican – Sept. 2007)
  • Health Benefits for the Uninsured (Mathematica Policy Research, Inc. – Sept. 2008)
    Many Social Security Disability Insurance beneficiaries have serious health care needs, but, under current law, most are not eligible for Medicare until 29 months after he SSA has established the onset of their disability.
  • Health Care Options for Students Transitioning to College (George Washington University – Summer 2010)
    Health care is essential for college students because it fosters independence and provides security for families. It enables students to take preventative health measures, perform better academically, and achieve educational objectives. Health risks in a collegiate environment include athletic injuries, accidents, and contagious illnesses, such as the flu, meningitis, and mononucleosis (mono). Further, many students with special needs rely on health insurance to provide assistance such as prescription drug benefits and mental health services.
  • Health Promotion Programs (Center for Healthy Aging)
    Recommendations of evidence-based programs that community organizations can implement.
  • Seeing Red: The Growing Burden of Medical Bills and Debt Faced by U.S. Families (The Commonwealth Fund – Aug. 2008)
    High out-of-pocket health spending and sluggish growth in real incomes are contributing to the rise of medical debt and personal bankruptcies, forcing many families to make hard choices among life's necessities.