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Patti's Comments:  These pictures and comments are included with permission. These people are amazing and I like to have reminders of why I work so hard!

Patti & Nick

Patti's Comment:  Nick is a good friend of mine and a legal client.  He recently gave a speech to the Novi Board of Education where he advocated for his right to get a personal curriculum plan. Hoping that his advocacy success might help others, Nick gave me permission to post it below.  If you know of others with disabilities that are successful in advocating for a personal curriculum plan with their school board, please share your stories if you feel comfortable. Thanks!

Hi, my name is Nick Bush. I live at [address redacted], Novi Michigan.
I am a junior at Novi High School. I am very proud of myself because last year my hard work and dedication paid off and I earned an academic letter. I also have a disability, which makes it much more difficult for me to complete my education. I have cerebral palsy, which affects my fine motor skills. Fortunately, the school allows me to do my work on a computer, because writing can sometimes be difficult for me. At birth I had a stroke, which at times makes it difficult for me to complete abstract math problems. Along with that, I also have varying health issues which range in severity from day to day.
Despite my limitations, I am an extremely hard worker and believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Unfortunately, there are times when my disabilities set limitations that I can’t control, like understanding abstract concepts. School has always been a top priority in my life, and am very tedious and thorough when completing my homework.  My educational goal is to earn a high school diploma so I can get a good job out in the work world. I know I am capable of handling a job which requires a high school diploma, as long as I don’t need to utilize such subjects like Algebra 2 and Trigonometry.
As I understand it, under state law, you have the ability to help make my dream of receiving a high school diploma come true. You have the power to grant me a personal curriculum plan which would hold me accountable for as much of the Michigan merit curriculum I could complete, given my disability. I am hoping that you will use the tools provided to you by the state of Michigan to give me a chance for future employment. I know I have a lot to offer and there are quite a few jobs that I CAN DO. Please don’t close any more doors to my future and consider looking at the district policy regarding a Personal Curriculum Plan to modify graduation requirements so that I can graduate, get a job and take care of myself.
Thank you
Scenes from the Mental Health Rally several years ago
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Jimmy 1
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