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David v. Goliath: One Client's Fight for Attorney Fees and Costs

  • July 15, 2009: Here's a picture of the settlement check after we won a Medicaid related appeal involving the Department of Human Services who disputed the award of attorney fees and costs against the agency.
  • As Advocates for folks dependent on needs-based public benefits, we all experience repeated violations of the basic Constitutional rights of due process. When due process rights are violated within the course of the Medicaid eligibility process, or during the administrative hearing phase, an award of attorney fees and costs against the agency may be appropriate and necessary. An individual that prevails at the administrative level should request attorney fees and costs under the Administrative Procedures Act. If the individual does not prevail at the administrative level, and appeals the decision to the Circuit Court level or higher, the prevailing party should consider state or federal law for relief.
  • The need to enforce the Constitutional protections of due process is necessary in an effort to level the legal battleground for our clients that rely upon public benefits. The system is difficult to navigate and becomes even more of a struggle when the rules are ignored by the administrative agencies. Consider the unlimited legal representation and resources agencies have at their beck and call, versus the limited resources of a beneficiary on needs-based benefits. It is a very real time David v. Goliath situation.
  • Click here for an article recapping the case.
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