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Articles & Publications

  • Deny, Defend and Delay
    My letter to the editor of the Michigan Bar Journal regarding mandatory insurance without regulation to the cost of rates.
  • Making the Claims Process Easier: What Consumers Should Know when Faced With a Loss  (National Assn. of Insurance Commissioners)
    Important, but sometimes difficult, filing a claim can be one of the most frustrating processes during a crisis or following a major disaster. Delays in the claims process was the No. 1 complaint of insurance consumers in 2007, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). It is critical that at these times, you are prepared with the information your insurance company needs. To help you avoid problems getting your claims paid, the NAIC offers these tips.
  • Seven Insurance Myths That Can Cost You (CBS News – 9/30/09)
    Much of what you’ve been told about insurance is flat wrong. And common misconceptions and half-truths about insurance can cost you serious money. Here are seven common insurance myths and how you should protect your family and possessions.
  • The Proper Use of Life Insurance in a Special Needs Trust
    This article covers a topic that could help insurance agents really help a very motivated client base — parents with special needs children.
  • The Uninsured: A Primer (Kaiser Family Foundation – Dec. 2010)
    An updated primer from the Kaiser Family Foundation reviews the basic profile of the uninsured population, how they receive care, the latest trends in health insurance coverage, and how this population may be affected by health reform.
  • Insures you Against Wedding Disasters (The Consumerist)
    Offers all-inclusive policies that can insure you in the event of cancellations, weather, disaster cakes, and if an overly drunken guest gets into an accident or a fight, in addition to the liability insurance that most venues will require you to purchase.

Lost Insurance Policies

  • Resources for finding lost insurance policies:
  • Lost
    The sole purpose of this web site is to provide a fast, easy, inexpensive search service for unpaid life insurance policies issued as long as 25 years ago.
  • MIB Solutions
    The quick, easy and cost-effective way to help locate lost insurance policies of a deceased spouse or family member.
  • Unclaimed Assets
    Millions of family members are unaware they’re entitled to collect missing money owed deceased relatives, who passed on without leaving an updated will or complete financial records. Life insurance policy benefits often go unclaimed, for example, because it's up to heirs to notify the insurance company when a policyholder dies, and virtually no effort is made to find lost beneficiaries.


  • National Association of Insurance Commissioners
    NAIC members are the elected or appointed state government officials who regulate the conduct of insurance companies and agents in their respective state or territory.  A state regulator's primary responsibility is to protect the interests of insurance consumers, and the NAIC helps regulators fulfill that obligation.