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Here’s what health care will cost you in retirement (8/28/17)
“With ongoing uncertainty across the health care landscape, it’s more important than ever for individuals to educate themselves on steps they can take to prepare for their health-care needs in retirement,” said Adam Stavisky, senior vice president for Fidelity Benefits Consulting. “These expenses are only expected to increase in the future, so it’s critical that people include health-care as a significant part of their retirement plan.”

Retirement Planning Calculators (LexisNexis – 7/30/10) 
A recent article by syndicated columnist Mark Miller discusses popular retirement calculators and flaws that could lead to serious miscalculations when planning for retirement.

Top 10 Retirement Procrastination Problems (Kiplinger – 7/2017) 
Here’s what you’re probably missing, why you’re missing it and how to set it right by the time you retire.