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Websites and Blogs re: Estate Planning

  • Beyond Structured Settlements – Patrick Hindert
    Collaborative thinking and commentary about how the Internet impacts structured settlements, settlement planning and special needs planning.
  • Death and Taxes – The Blog – Joel Schoenmeyer
    Commentary on estate planning, estate administration and real estate issues from a Chicago area attorney.
  • Estate Planning Elder – Correira & Iacono LLP
    A regional full-service trusts and estates law firm with a mission to provide clients with value, commitment and service.
    Do you really know what happens to your property if you die without a will? With each state having its own unique laws, generalized statements about the process are frequently inaccurate. The complexity of these laws also makes written examples difficult to understand, as well as inapplicable to most people. Although these laws apply to everyone, it is incredibly difficult to find real examples of how they are applied.  This interactive website shows exactly what would happen in your situation if you died tomorrow without a will.
  • Sylvester Law Firm – Patrick Sylvester
    An estate planning and probate lawyer representing clients in Illinois, Wisconsin and Florida.
  • Wachbrit & Associates, PC – Diedre Wachbrit blog
    A California attorney specializing in estate planning, asset protection and special needs

Services re: Estate Planning

  • eDivvy Up – Estate Distribution
    Aunique online auction platform that is designed to engage family members in an equitable method for the division of property after the death of a parent or other loved one.
  • MIB Solutions – Policy Locator Service
    If you are an executor, or administrator (in cases where there have been no probate proceedings, a surviving spouse or other relative eligible for appointment may be entitled to order the report), Policy Locator can maximize your opportunity to discover life insurance benefits you may not have realized existed.