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Articles and other Resources
re: Probate Matters


Articles re: Probate

  • Death and Foreclosure (Lansing City Pulse – 8/8/12)
    We’ll never know how Steven Rigby would have wanted this to go down. We do know the Ingham County treasurer and his relatives disagree on how it should.
  • Mediation in Probate Cases (The ADR Quarterly – May 2010) – see page 4
    Summaries based on mediations of probate cases. A Wayne County Probate Court judge reviewed the summaries and submitted likely court decisions based on the facts of each case. The actual mediated agreements, following the judge's opinions, illustrate the differences between court decisions and mediated settlements.

Court Cases re: Probate

  • Yet another reason not to draft deeds without recording them…
    Case Name: In re Loyer Estate
    Issues: Probate court order determining the estate assets; Motion to set aside a deed; Whether the deed was ineffective based on the failure of delivery; Ligon v. Detroit; Energetics, Ltd. v. Whitmill; In re Herbert's Estate; Phelps v. Pipher; Tighe v. Davis; McMahon v. Dorsey; Whether the note found in the decedent's handwriting listing items in the safety deposit box was proof of the decedent's intent.
    Court: Michigan Court of Appeals (Unpublished)

Heir Tracing

  • Assets International
    Although the Internet may be a good starting point for finding lost people or assets, it is just not enough for most missing heir searches. (based in Michigan)
  • Harvey E. Morse P.A. (International Genealogical Research)
    Patti's Comment: A colleague recommended Ari Morse in this office for tracking down heirs.
  • Locaters International
    Patti's Comment: Another recommendation from a colleague for tracking down heirs (based in Florida).


  • Embassies Abroad
    A directory with links to all foreign embassies and consulates for the United States. This was helpful to a colleague for a probate filing with information needed from foreign countries.
  • Forensic Investigations (Larry Schiffman at Processing Solutions Group)
    Patti's Comment: A colleague recommended Mr. Schiffman as someone who does primarily forensic investigations but has access to a vast and amazing area of usually unavailable databases.