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Articles & Publications

  • Growing Old with a Lesbian or Gay Partner (ABA)
    The challenge of assisting lesbian and gay couples can be both rewarding and frustrating because there is such a divergence in social attitudes from place to place throughout the country and in legal standards in different practice areas of the law.
  • Life Planning Can Be Challenging for Same-Gender Couples (Fleming & Curti, PLC – Jan. 28, 2008)
    Same gender domestic partners lack the statutory protections of a spouse or blood relative; advance directives, wills and trusts can be used to create and support those rights for your partner.
  • Specialized Solutions for Domestic Partners (Merrill Lynch)
    Domestic partners face unique challenges in creating and implementing a comprehensive long-term plan to address their financial objectives. Although domestic partners may not have the same automatic legal rights and benefits as married couples, with careful planning you and your partner can achieve the lifestyle you envision.
  • Use of Pooled Trusts for Nonmarital Domestic Partners (Sanford J. Mall, JD, CELA.) (NAELA article)
    For a heterosexual couple, spousal impoverishment protections protect the community spouse. These same protections do not exist for unmarried domestic partners.

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