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Job Opportunities for People with Disabilities



  • Abilicorp
    An employment company with expertise in recruiting and assessing candidates with disabilities, assisting individuals with disabilities in the retention and advancement of their careers and enabling optimum efficiency of workers with disabilities through support services.
  • Disability (Links to employment resources)
    Jobs: how do you get them, where do you get them, what can you do to improve your chances…? These sites are geared for individuals with disabilities seeking employment, employers who want to know more about hiring people with disabilities, and policymakers.
    The Employer Assistance & Resource Network provides employers with free consulting services and resources to support the recruitment and hiring of people with disabilities.
  • Employment (
    This section of has information about career planning, places to search for a job, interviewing for a job and self-employment and small business ownership. You'll also find information about programs that can help you get job training.
  • Employment Resources for People Who Are Disabled (Protect Your
    For millions of people with disabilities, a stable and sufficient job may seem out of reach. Nearly 70 percent of adults who have some type of disability would like to work. That’s a staggering 18 million people who could be joining the workforce. Here you will find resources that could be of assistance to those with disabilities seeking employment. 
  • Fulbright Greece – Individuals with Disabilities
    The Fulbright Foundation in Greece is committed to opening up all scholarship programs to the broadest possible audience of potential candidates. This includes all individuals – students, researchers, faculty staff members, artists, and teachers – with a disability.
  • Getting Hired
    Where people with disabilities gather, network and find success in the workplace with employers.
  • Learn about Schedule A (short video from
    Schedule A is an excepted service hiring authority available to federal agencies to hire and/or to promote individuals with disabilities by avoiding thetraditional, and sometimes lengthy, competitive hiring process. You are eligible for a Schedule A appointment if you are a person with a severe physical or mental disability, and meet the qualifications of the job in question.
  • Paragon Store
    Provides progressive skill development and goal achievement to adults with disabilities. It will also provide our clients/workers with the opportunity to work alongside adults without disabilities, together accomplishing the needed tasks of running a store.
    Patti's Comment: It is a non-profit unique candle company who has very nice products.
  • Services for Adults With Disabilities (NICHCY)
    Once a student with a disability leaves high school, other agencies are available to assist with putting the individual in contact with helpful resources. We have prepared this listing of resources for adults with disabilities to help you get started.
  • Summer Programs in Washington for People With Disabilities (Planet of the Blind) – 1/24/12
    Links to job opportunities from internships to careers for recent graduates.
  • Your Employment Selections (YES) Job Search
    A motion-video, Internet-based job preference program for youth and adults with disabilities. This program allows youth and adult participants with limited or no reading skills to watch videos of jobs, listen as a narrator describes key tasks in each job, and select preferred ones. The program shows motion video for 120 different jobs. When 2-3 preferred jobs are selected, a facilitator (such as a teacher) rates the job seeker on various work dimensions based on the job seeker's skill levels. The result is identification of the best-matched job, strengths and weaknesses, and training priorities.

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