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  • Confidential Relationships – The Unconscious Fiduciary (National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys newsletter – Fall 2008)
    A confidential relationship is a fiduciary relationship and carries with it serious responsibilities and liabilities.
  • Elder Justice Act legislation could help combat elder abuse and neglect (NAELA – June 2007)
    A major bipartisan issue before Congress calls for safeguards against elder abuse, neglect and exploitation.
  • Elder Law: What it Means to You (Reporter Online -10/08)
    Until just a few years ago, the legal needs of the "elderly" weren't significantly different from the needs of the general population, and "elder law" was an obscure niche legal practice.
  • How to Help Your Kids When They Become Caregivers (5/31/16)
    An article about the value of elder law attorneys. People often need help with determining the best course of action for caring for an older loved one.
  • Human Rights Magazine (American Bar Association – Spring 2004)
    Several articles related to elder law issues, including age discrimination, SSI benefits, and the Fair Housing Act.
  • On Elder Care – and Elder Law (US News – 3/11/09)
    Tips from the author of "20 Common Nursing Home Problems—and How to Resolve Them"
    All too commonly, the choice of a nursing home is made under duress—when a prospective resident and his or her family are already in difficult times. U.S. News asked Eric Carlson, a Los Angeles attorney with the National Senior Citizens Law Center, a nonprofit law firm that defends the interests of seniors, what to look for in a care provider and how to fight back if there's a problem.
  • Planning for Future Protection (Michigan Senior Living)
    Protect your financial assets by choosing an elder law attorney with care.
  • Sentinal (Center for Elders and The Courts)
    Newsletter serving the nation's courts on issues related to aging, probate, and elder abuse.
  • Should Attorneys Have a Duty to Report Financial Abuse of the Elderly?
    Exploitation of older persons is a growing problem in America. As a result, our legal and social systems are struggling to develop structures that will prevent, remedy and punish instances of abuse. From all indications, financial abuse is becoming increasingly common, and can be devastating to its victim.
  • Surviving the Great Consternation: Investing and Elder Care in the Age of Recession (Wealth Strategies Journal – 9/22/11)
    Hard times are brutal for the elderly, and the context of repeated recessions has made the situation considerably worse. Reverse mortgages were once a lifeline of senior citizens who where house rich and cash poor. With lenders absorbing vast numbers of homes that have dropped in value below the amounts of their mortgages, the rules for obtaining a reverse mortgage have been restricted.
  • Understanding the Fundamentals of Elder Law (Sansui Electronic)
    People have become health conscious in recent years. A  very high percentage of people, particularly in developed countries work regularly.
  • What is Elder Law? (
    As one ages, they may find themselves facing new issues.  Estate planning, disability, healthcare, retirement, taxes, financial planning, abuse and discrimination issues may arise in the elder years.  It is important to know your rights and seek counseling and advise when needed.
  • What is Elder Mediation? (Valenti Law blog – 12/9/08)
    Elder mediation is mediation of any conflict that involves elders, their family members or others in their lives.

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