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  • Assuring Healthy Caregivers (Centers for Disease Control & Prevention)
    Presents key questions and methods to help program developers, planners and evaluators use the framework in their work on caregiving.
  • Caring for Elderly Parents (U.S. Dept. of State)
    How to care for elderly parents is a major concern of many Foreign Service families. The distance involved makes it harder to get information and help so contingency planning is essential.
  • Essential Caregiver's Toolbox (Aging Pro)
    Everything you need to provide excellent care for your loved ones, and create peace of mind for yourself.
  • Family Caregiving to the Older Population: Background, Federal Programs, and Issues for Congress
    Recognizing family caregivers as an important part of the nation's long-term care delivery system, the federal government has established programs that provide direct support to caregivers. Summary of legislation enacted in the 109th Congress to directly assist family caregivers to older adults. 
  • Family Caregiver's Video Guide to Managing Medications
    The AARP Public Policy Institute collaborated with the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at the University of California Davis to develop a series of videos aimed at preparing family caregivers to perform medical/nursing tasks such as changing catheter’s, giving injections, preparing special diets, managing complex medication routines and wound care.
  • Financial Steps for Caregivers (Women's Institute for a Secure Retirement)
    "What you Need to Know About Money and Retirement" is designed to help identify financial decisions you may face as a caregiver.
  • Home Alone: Family Caregivers Providing Complex Chronic Care (AARP – October 2012)
    This study challenges the common perception of family caregiving as a set of personal care and household chores that most adults already do or can easily master. Family caregivers have traditionally provided assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, and household tasks such as shopping and managing finances. While these remain critically important to the well-being of care recipients, the role of family caregivers has dramatically expanded to include performing medical/nursing tasks of the kind and complexity once only provided in hospitals.  To document this major shift, the AARP Public Policy Institute and the United Hospital Fund undertook the first nationally representative population-based online survey of 1,677 family caregivers to determine what medical/nursing tasks they perform.   Download full report – 50 page pdf document
  • Home Safety: How Well Does Your Home Meet Your Needs? (AARP)
    A caregiving checklist.
  • Medicare and Home Health Care
    The official government booklet about Medicare home health care benefits for people in the Original Medicare Plan.
  • My Parents Can't Take Care of Themselves Anymore…Where Do I Turn? (The Care Navigator)
    This is a problem many of us face when our parents grow older. Unless you have experience with issues that result from aging or the health care system you will find the situation frustrating and very confusing.
  • When Your Parent Moves In
    Every adult child's guide to living with an aging parent. Inviting your elderly parent to move in is a big decision that can affect every aspect of your family's life. This straightforward, supportive guide will walk you through the decisions and planning necessary to make it work.