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Articles & Publications re: Assisted Living Facilities

  • 10 Things Assisted-Living Homes Won't Tell You (Smart Money – 8/15/12)
    Moving to a residential-care facility is difficult enough — even before you account for the hidden fees, untrained caretakers and misleading marketing.
  • Advocate Fights 'Ambient Despair' In Assisted Living (NPR – 9/6/12)
    The real problem residents face in assisted living facilities is coping emotionally. Most residents show a calm, even peaceful veneer. But beneath the surface, all of us are susceptible to the ambient despair that is a permanent component of life in assisted living. It's the result of years of loneliness and isolation.
  • Can You Use These Tax Rules to Deduct Assisted Living Costs? (Mason Law PC – 3/29/12)
    Qualified long-term care services (according to Code section 7702B if you happen to be a Tax Code Junky) include diagnostic, preventive, therapeutic, maintenance, and other care services required by a “chronically ill individual” pursuant to a care plan prescribed by a licensed health care practitioner.
  • How to Deduct Assisted Living Facility Costs (Robert C. Anderson, LL.M. Taxation, CELA)
    The IRS provides an income tax deduction for medical expenses which include "qualified long-term services." This is a helpful article written by one of our friends on important tax considerations for folks who live in an assisted living facility!
  • Senior Assisted Living Facility Adding Monitors to Rooms Causing Commotion (TCPalm – 6-26-10)
    It may be called QuietCare, but a new monitoring system at an assisted living facility is causing a ruckus that’s anything but quiet. The G.E. QuietCare system uses the latest in motion detection and infrared technologies to monitor resident behaviors. While that might smack of Big Brother, mostly it’s fairly benign. The system records how many times a resident uses the bathroom at night, what time they get out of bed in the morning and other variables, to establish a baseline behavior profile for each resident.
  • Medicaid Payment for Assisted Living (National Senior Citizens Law Center – Nov. 2010)
    Medicaid has been paying for assisted living services for over 20 years, either through Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waivers, demonstration waivers, or state-plan services. To this point, the federal government has not established standards for Medicaid-certified assisted living facilities. State rules vary but resident protections tend to be limited. Despite growth in federal and state expenditures for assisted living, there has been scant public policy attention to how Medicaid funding for assisted living actually works in practice.
  • Question about Assisted Living Rental Agreement (
    A friend of mine is in a assisted living…her ss and pension is only $2500 a month. The place where she is staying accepted that amount. It normally is $3400 a month. They have found someone that can afford the full amount, and said she needs to leave. Can you please help us?  See answers from Patti and other attorneys related to this issue from link above.
  • SourceBook – Your Guide to Retirement Living
    A resource for consumers and professionals alike. From active adult communities to assisted living facilities, the goal is to provide the most complete presentation of otpions for an aging public.  
  • Tips for Choosing a Facility and Making the Transition (
    Making the decision to leave your home can be difficult, but by taking time to find the right fit and being honest about your needs and concerns, you can you can make the choice that’s right for you and ensure your senior years are happy and fulfilling.

Organizations and Services re: Assisted Living Facilities

  • Assisted Living Consumer Alliance
    A national collaboration of groups and individuals working together to promote consumer safety, choice, and rights in assisted living.
  • Assisted Living Federation of America
    The largest national association exclusively dedicated to professionally operated assisted living communities for seniors and works to influence public policy by advocating for informed choice, quality care, and accessibility for all Americans.
  • Assisted Living Directory lists numerous facilities and, at times, other senior care options, organized by state, and then by city.  They strive to make quality online advertising for assisted living accessible for assisted living facilities of any size.
  • Best Nursing Home Rankings by U.S. News & World Report in Michigan 
    There are 440 nursing homes in Michigan. Of these, 68 received an overall Top Performing rating.