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About Bullying in School

(Also see Special Education page: Bullying of Children with Disabilities)

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Advocacy Alert from National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD):

The Safe Schools Improvement Act (H.R. 1648/S.506), in both the House and Senate, for the first time establishes a federal definition of bullying and protects students, including students with disabilities. NCLD urges you to contact your Representative and Senator to support this important legislation.

The SSIA would call on schools and districts that receive federal funds to adopt anti-bullying policies and codes of conduct that specifically prohibit bullying or harassment on the basis of disability, race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation and perceived or actual gender identity. The bill would also create stricter and more uniform policies for dealing with and preventing all forms of bullying, not just ones tied to a specific characteristic. Crucially, the Act would also mandate that states catalog and report data on bullying and harassment to the Department of Education.

A Contact form is provided to make it easy to join NCLD in cosponsoring these bills.

  • The Bully Project (April 2012)
    Information on the movie now playing in theaters. The Bully Project highlights solutions that both address immediate needs and lead to systemic change. Starting with the film’s STOP BULLYING. SPEAK UP! call to action, The Bully Project will catalyze audience awareness to action with a series of tools and programs supported by regional and national partners.

Articles About Bullying in School

  • 5 Ways to Help Your Child Prevent Bullying this School Year (U.S. Dept. of Education – 8/30/12)
    As children head back to the classroom, now is a great time for parents and guardians to talk with your kids about bullying. Here are five tips to help your child prevent bullying and to help them deal with bullying.
  • A First Step In Addressing "Bullying" – Simple Justice – 10/27/10
    Laws will be coming. You can bank on it. The United States Department of Education has put school districts on notice that they are to craft anti-bullying policies or lose cashola, and they will, much like the zero-tolerance drug laws that give rise to strip searches of young girls over demon-acetaminophen. Action begets over-reaction. It's how we roll. Aside from the problem that the word "bullying" has yet to be adequately defined, which of course hasn't stopped anyone from screaming for its criminalization, and that most advocates deem it a function of hurt feelings rather than particular conduct, its elevation to epidemic proportions is precisely the sort of hyperbole that gives rise to the next wave of insane laws and outrageously inappropriate knee-jerk outcomes.
    Patti's Comment: Way too many adults out there have bad self images so it is hard for them to teach their children on how to cope with the “words”… those that can are teased even more for being arrogant.
  • Department of Education Issues Guidance Targeting Harassment and Bullying (Randy Chapman Ability Law Blog – 10/27/10)
    Yesterday, the US Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights issued a “Dear Colleague” letter to state departments of education and local school districts to clarify the relationship between bullying and discriminatory harassment under the civil rights laws enforced by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR). Those laws prohibit bullying based on traits such as-race, color, national origin, sex, and disability.
  • HHS & Education Department Launch New ‘Stop Bullying' Website (Press Release – 3/30/12)
    The U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Education have launched a redesigned Stop Bullying website ( to encourage children, parents, teachers and communities to take action to stop and prevent bullying. The website has a map with information on state laws and policies and videos for young people, along with practical strategies for schools and communities to make sure that environments are safe. It also includes suggestions on how parents can discuss bullying with their children and information on the dangers of cyberbullying and ways to prevent it.
  • Life Saving Tips for Parents of a Bullied or Excluded Child (
    Whether your child is being overtly abused by his or her classmates, or simply made to feel invisible every day, talked about instead of with, the student who may not get bullied per se but who no one at school ever goes out of their way to include in anything either, as a parent, you CAN help. Here are some tips to get started — and always remember, bullying isn't only overt acts of cruelty; it's also the deliberate omission of kindness, the invitations denied, the warmth withheld, the acceptance just out of reach.
  • Nine Ways to Eliminate Bullying (Great
    What you can do to eliminate it.

Resources About Bullying

  • Dealing With Bullies (Kids
    Bullying is a big problem that affects lots of kids. Three-quarters of all kids say they have been bullied or teased. Being bullied can make kids feel really bad. The stress of dealing with bullies can make kids feel sick.
  • Free Cyberbullying Toolkit for Educators (Common Sense Media)
    Every day, you see how cyberbullying hurts students, disrupts classrooms, and impacts your school's culture. So how should you handle it? What are the right things to do and say? What can you do today that will help your students avoid this pitfall of our digital world?
  • Kids Against Bullying
    Website for kids and teens
  • National Center for Learning Disabilities
    Have you had a chance to watch the trailer for BULLY yet? It's the new documentary by Emmy-award winning filmmaker Lee Hirsch that takes a candid look behind the scenes at schools across the United States to find out what kids experience every day.  Sign up today and be the first to receive our Special Needs Anti-Bullying Toolkit when it is released next month.
  • National Youth Violence Violence Prevention
    National statistics, including school bullying
  • Special Needs Anti-Bullying Toolkit
    A specially designed tool kit for parents, teachers and students dealing with bullying and children with special needs.
  • Stop
    Information and resources about all kinds of bullying, including cyberbullying and prevention.
  • Voices Against Cruelty, Hatred and Intolerance (VACHI)
    An organization dedicated to educating students, teachers and parents about the consequences of hate-motivated behavior (such as bullying, name calling and harassment) with the hope that with education will come the elimination of this type of behavior on school campuses across the country.