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Blogs and Websites About Disabilities Issues

"I have not been handicapped by my condition. I am physically challenged and differently able."  ≈ Janet Barnes

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  • 50+ Web Sites Intended to be Accessible to People with Cognitive Disabilities
    An index of Web sites intending to be accessible to people with cognitive disabilities.
  • A Different Light
    Fiction, nonfiction, essays and poetry about disability.
  • About Kathie Snow (Disability is Natural)
    Today, I’m a wife and mother, as well as an author, public speaker, trainer, consultant, and host of this website. And, like others, getting from “there to here” started out as a personal journey that blossomed into professional opportunities. My interest in disability issues was born in 1987 in Texas, the same year my son, Benjamin, was born prematurely and then diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the tender age of four months.  At the time of Benjamin’s diagnosis, I was like most parents in similar situations—initially bewildered and somewhat frightened. And as many other parents do, I eagerly entered the world of services, interventions, and expert opinions—what I now call Disability World.
    Patti's Comment:  What an inspiration!! Her website is a great resource as well – enjoy the reading and be inspired to share your family’s story.
  • Center for Disabilities Resources Library Blog (CDR)
    The CDR Library is a library of materials concerned with a variety of disabilities that are loaned to individuals and families nationwide.
  • Disability 411
    This blog features regular podcasts with information about disabilities.
  • Disability History Museum
    Mission is to foster a deeper understanding about how changing cultural values, notions of identity, laws and policies have shaped and influenced the experience of people with disabilities, their families and their communities over time. 
  • Disability is Natural
    The mission of Disability is Natural is to encourage new ways of thinking about developmental disabilities, in the belief that our attitudes drive our actions, and changes in our attitudes and actions can help create a society where all children and adults with developmental disabilities have opportunities to live the lives of their dreams, included in all areas of life.
  • Disability Law Blog (Samuel Bagenstos)
    Periodic updates on developments in disability law and related fields from a professor of law at the University of Michigan.
  • Disability Mom
    News to use and disability action alerts for the family and caregivers of individuals with disabilities.
  • Disabled Explorers
    Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for the disabled through independent 4wd backcountry travel. We are disabled ourselves and we are here to help with advice and inspiration.
  • Disaboom
    Lifestyle articles, blogs, forums, and health information provide shared knowledge about SCI, cerebral palsy, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, and other disabilities. Whether you’re an amputee, caregiver, disabled veteran, or interested in exploring adaptive sports, accessible travel, or any other disability-related topic, welcome!
  • Family Cafe
    The Family Café exists to provide individuals with disabilities and their families with an opportunity for collaboration, advocacy, friendship and empowerment by serving as a facilitator of communication, a space for dialogue and a source of information.
  • Family Village
    A global community of disability-related resources.
  • Flame – the Band
    A group from upstate New York made up of 11 people with developmental/physical disabilities, including autism, Down’s syndrome, mental retardation and blindness, is capturing the world’s attention but their message remains the same. The band wants to change the world through music. They are a phenomenon that inspires people and changes the way the general public view people with disabilities. Also see "Flame in People Magazine" in October 2010 issue.
    An interesting blog with information on disability issues.
  • Life on Wheels – Gary Karp
    Gary Karp is an internationally recognized public speaker, corporate trainer, facilitator, author, and editor.  He has been living – fully – with a T12 spinal cord injury since 1973 when he was injured in a fall from a tree at the age of eighteen.  Gary offers an entirely unique perspective on the disability experience, giving presentations to employers on how important the disability community is in the workplace, and for rehab and medical professionals who interact with clients with disabilities, among others.
  • Life with Bubba, Chicky and Nika
    A blog about life with three kids, one with Down syndrome, adoption, doctors, development and school.
  • Museum of disAbility History
    The Museum of disABILITY History is dedicated to the collection, preservation and display of artifacts pertaining to the history of people with disabilities. Located in Buffalo, New York, and on the World Wide Web, the Museum offers educational exhibits and activities that expand community awareness. The Museum of disABILITY History is now open to the public.
  • My Invisible Disabilities Community
    A social network for people touched by chronic illness, pain and injury.
  • Northwest Disability Connections
    Independent living and personal care services focusing on empowering persons with disabilities to recruit, manage and retain personal assistants in their own home through self-directing programs. We also offer advocacy, peer-to-peer counseling, skills training, and information and referral.
  • Our Ability
    A social media web site/video-production company telling the stories of inspirational people with disabilities. The stories of successful people in their middle career who will serve as inspirational role models to young people with disabilities.
  • Patricia E. Bauer
    A collection of news and commentary about disability issues from news organizations around the U.S. and elsewhere.
  • Regional Center for Independent Living
    The Regional Center for Independent Living (RCIL) assists people with all types of disabilities who want the opportunity to live independently and be active members of the community.
  • Rooted in Right
    Rooted in Rights produces videos and social media campaigns exclusively on disability rights issues.
  • Something Sew Special
    A great blog about sewing clothes for children with special needs. There are tutorials on sewing specific items i.e. large onesies, seatbelt covers. There are also extensive photos and directions on adapting pants.
  • Special Needs Truth
    Advocating for children and adults with disabilities, this blog began during the 2008 presidential campaign to track the candidates' positions and records. Citizen advocacy for people with disabilities and their families is critical, and not just during election seasons.
    Experience film and video related to the field of development disabilities.
  • Stories of Self-Determination
    This blog is a place for people with disabilities to write stories about their lives. It is a place where they can write about what they did to get the life they wanted. It is about self-determination.
  • "We Can Do"
    A blog for anyone who wants to end poverty and oppression for poor disabled people in developing countries. Lots of good info, including this Resource: Book on Universal Design and Visitability.
  • Zeh Lezeh (blog)
    Through Zeh Lezeh, The Ruderman Family Foundation hopes to promote conversation around two issues of special importance to us: disability advocacy and strengthening the relationship between Israel and Jewish communities in America and elsewhere.