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self determination

Articles and Publications About
Self Determination for People with Disabilities

"Not only do physically disabled people have experiences which are not available to the able-bodied, they are in a better position to transcend cultural mythologies about the body, because they cannot do things the able-bodied feel they must do in order to be happy, ‘normal,’ and sane….If disabled people were truly heard, an explosion of knowledge of the human body and psyche would take place."  ≈ Susan Wendell

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  • Choice Voucher System (Mental Health & Substance Abuse Administration – Michigan Dept. of Community Health)
    Self-Determination Technical Advisory. The Choice Voucher System is one option for implementing arrangements that support self-determination. Also see Transmittal Memo for more info.
  • Making the Move to Managing Your Own Personal Assistance Services (PAS):
    A Toolkit for Disabilities Transitioning to Adulthood
    Another way to think about PAS, especially for Medicaid program eligibility purposes, is as a "range of human assistance provided to persons with disabilities and chronic conditions of all ages, which enables them to accomplish tasks they would normally do for themselves if they did not have a disabilitiy."
  • Self-determination and the Empowerment of People with Disabilities
    Leaving aside a discussion as to whether empowerment is merely a buzzword, it is worth noting the meaning shift or drift that has occurred with use of the term since its 17th century origination and the current linkages between empowerment and issues of control over one's life.
  • Self-determination for People with Psychiatric Disabilities
    An annotated bibliography of resources compiled by staff of the University of Illinois of Chicago.
  • Self-determination is not Possible if Self-Reliance is Missing (Suite
    How does this apply to people who are disabled?
  • Self-Determination Q&A 2010 (Community Mental Health Oakland County – 7-6-10)
    What makes self determination different from person-centered planning? What are some of the concerns about self determination? Click above for answers to these and more questions.
  • Thoughts on Self Determination (Judith Snow)
    A search of the internet for "self determination" that resulted in articles on political sovereignty for colonized nations got me to thinking about the use of these words when people talk about and plan with people who are labeled disabled.
  • What is Self-determination for People with Disabilities?
    It is the belief that people with disabilities have the right and ability to choose and control their own quality of life, their own goals and dreams, and what services they need to obtain them.
  • Youth in Nursing Homes Seek Alternative Care (NPR)
    Picture a nursing home and you think of a place for the elderly. But yearly federal nursing home data shows that there are more than 6,000 young people up to the age of 21 living in American nursing homes. And there are thousands more who are in their early 20s.

Organizations and Services re: Self Determination for People with Disabilities

  • Center for Self-Determination
    A highly interactive working collaboration of individuals and organizations committed to the principles of self-determination to help all persons create the lives they want, connected to and with their communities and pursuing long term relationships and economic futures.
  • Independent Living Institute
    A policy development center specializing in consumer-driven policies for disabled peoples' self-determination, self-respect and dignity.
  • Self Advocates Becoming Empowered
    Mission is to ensure that people with disabilities are treated as equals and that they are given the same decisions, choices, rights, responsibilities and changes to speak up to empower themselves, opportunities to make new friends, and to learn from their mistakes.