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About Public Benefits


  • Benefits CheckUp (National Council on Aging)
    A tool that can help you find and enroll in benefits programs, including prescription drugs, health care, meals, utility bills, housing and more.
  • Donated Dental Services of Michigan
    The organization provides free, comprehensive dental treatment. Program does NOT cover routine check-ups or provide ongoing treatment; offers one-time only assistance. The program cannot pay exiting dental bills. Most applicants are expected to help with lab costs. Applicants with Medicaid are expected to exhaust that resource first as Medicaid is covering some dental services.  Click here to download the application (pdf). For more information or to request an application, please call 866.263.4067 or visit Dental Lifeline Network.
  • HHS Increases Total LIHEAP Funding Available to Help Low-Income Families to $3.9 Billion ( – 1/12/11)
    These funds will go to states, tribes and territories under the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) and are available under the terms of the latest continuing resolution.  For more information, click here for website.
  • How to Use Public Benefits to Help Pay for In-Home Care (
    If your loved one has very low income and few assets other than the home he or she lives in, the following benefit programs might pay a limited amount for providing in-home care.
  • New Treasury Rule Protects Social Security, VA, Other Federal Benefits (PR Newswire – 2-23-11)
    A federal rule issued today that strengthens protections for bank accounts used to collect federal benefits is welcome news for retirees, veterans and disabled persons, according to a lawyer for the National Consumer Law Center.
  • Public Benefits Programs (HIVLA)
    If you are disabled or earn a low income, you may be eligible to receive assistance from public benefits programs.  If you are infected with HIV or have an AIDS diagnosis, you may qualify for disability benefits from the Social Security Administration under two programs: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).
  • Public Benefits Programs (National Resource Center for AD/HD)
  • Public Benefits That Can Help (AARP)
    Older adults can have a hard time paying for basic necessities like health care and food. This article introduces a variety of federal and state programs that fill this need and describes ways to help your parents apply for benefits.
  • Public Benefits that Can Help Americans 50+ (AARP)
    Click on the name of your state to get a 4-page easy-to-read fact sheet that lists important free and low cost programs for older adults with limited incomes. The state fact sheet tells you how each program can help, who can apply and where to get applications and more information.
  • The Absolutely Basic Guide to Public Benefits for Health Professionals (Ron Landsman – NAELA)
    This Guide is for those who deal with people who need, or might need, “public benefits,” but who may not know for sure which public benefits are available or how to get them. Social workers, nurses, psychotherapists, physicians and others may suspect that these public benefits are important for the long term welfare of a patient or client without really knowing if the person qualifies for them.
  • Glossary of Public Benefit Terms & Resources (Part One) (Mary Alice Jackson – 2015 Stetson Conference)
  • Glossary of Public Benefit Terms & Resources (Part Twoe) (Mary Alice Jackson – 2015 Stetson Conference)
  • Glossary of Public Benefit Terms & Resources (Part Three) (Mary Alice Jackson – 2015 Stetson Conference)
  • Glossary of Public Benefit Terms & Resources (Part Four) (Mary Alice Jackson – 2015 Stetson Conference)