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Employment and Financial Issues
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Employment Issues

Financial Issues

  • Elder Financial Protection Network (EFPN)
    An award-winning nonprofit organization that offers community education events and training for financial professionals.
  • It's not easy to unravel long-term care insurance tangle (Aging Happens 6/17/16)
    Some advice and questions for people regarding long-term care insurance.
  • Obama Tax Hikes: Higher Dividend Taxes Hurt Seniors ( – 9/10/10)
    A lower tax rate on dividends is one of the most important pro-growth policies that will be lost unless Congress takes action. If Congress allows the tax rate on dividends to rise, the value of all stocks will fall sharply. The decline in stock value will harm all share­holders, but seniors will be hit hardest, as a dispropor­tionate number of retirees rely on stock dividends for a significant portion of their income.
  • Old Folks and Their Money (Blog – Dec. 24, 2007)
    An elderly man who theoretically has all his capacities wants to be protected from making bad decisions.
  • Poor Older People are Getting Poorer and Older: Does Anyone Really Care? (Center for Medicare Advocacy)
    Health costs are rising faster than income for all Americans, but for older Americans this is particularly true, and particularly dangerous.
  • Shielding Money Clashes with Elders' Free Will (New York Times – Dec. 24, 2007)
    An elderly man claims in lawsuit that he should be compensated for losses because he is old and should not bear the full responsibility for his choices.
  • Special Needs Trusts Can Improve Quality of Life Without Sacrificing Benefits (Cliffton Larson Allen 6/16/2016)
    A special or supplemental needs trust (SNT) is a specific type of trust that focuses on providing financial support to elderly or disabled persons. An SNT can supplement their standard of living without jeopardizing the government benefits they receive. 
  • Specialists for Seniors (Elder Life Resource's Weblog)
    If you are considering investing your time or money into a product or service, consider seeking out a representative who truly specializes in working with seniors.